Love Marriage Solution

Astrologer Sarita Gupta discusses about love marriage from the perspective of astrology. Love marriage is a subject of suspicion & worries. A couple decides to marry and pass the whole life together since they know each other’s habits, likes, dislikes and job profile. Meanwhile, they disregard the wishes of their parents and family members.

Well, marriages are made in heaven. But what takes the couple to the brink of seperation or divorce? One ought to look into the astrological aspects of the couple. The dasha, antardasha and mahadasha of each one can be examined via an expert astrologer to avert the upcoming problems in the marriage. Astrology solutions for love marriage can foretell whether the marriage will work out or not.Consult the astrologer & let their horoscope be examined.

Five astrology solutions for love marriage are daan (donation), snan (sacred bathing), yantra (device), mantra and worshipping.

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