Astrology expert Sarita Gupta briefs the litigation as per astrology. Noone wants to be trapped in litigation in any case. But uncertainty can take you to the court in any of case. And thereby, people continue to hit the court since justice takes time. Consequently, the person gets irritated which results in bad effect on mind, body and soul. Litigation leads to excessive outflow of funds & the worrisome mind drags body to sickness.

You can arrange a good advocate and spend a lots of money but bringing goodluck is not in your hand as you are born with destiny. Our horoscope has 12 bhavs. The sixth bhav, 12th bhav & the lagan or ascendance represent jail, tour or litigation. The evil eye of malefic planets, such as Rahu, Ketu, Saturn & Mars, on these bhavs & the specific dasha can drag you to litigation. Only an astrologer can tell about it correctly.

As per astrology, one can have six either malefics (auspicious planets) or benefics (inauspicious planets) in his/ her horoscope. Consultation of an adept astrologer can let you know what to eat, wear colour & stone to strengthen benefics while what to donate & abandon particular colour to reduce the effect of malefics. Thus, one can escape the litigation.

Only money can never foretell your future but the dasha, mahadasha & transit of planets in your horoscope can make the picture of your destiny clear. The best astrologer can tell which planets are good & which are bad. Astrology solutions for litigation can help you out. He can give you best advice regarding what to wear & do for appeasing planets. After executing astrology solutions for litigation, the court case can be winded-up sooner.

Astrology solutions for litigation recommend to discharge jaggery or gur in flowing water. On the hearing day, have curd & sugar before attending it. Wearing specific colour or gem or dress & chanting mantra, one can have the decision in his/ her favour.

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