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The best suitable time for aquiring self-hypnotic state is before sleeping but avoid doing it in sleeping posture since it pushes the patient into sleep and then to delta state unknowingly due to which suggestion of healing program will go futile or waste as it would remain incomplete although there would be no threat or risk if it remains incomplete. Self-hypnotic state can be achieved via reaching into sub-conscious mind in trans and exit via feeding a program in mind such as reciting 1,2 and 3… Then, you should stretch out your body at least for realizing the fact that you have exited trans state. Acute depressive state is not good and apt for self-hypnosis since your mind would breed only negative thoughts as remedial program. The benefits of self-hypnosis is building-up of morale, confidence and psychological strength to groom your personality.Incorporate your exhaling with pre-programming of your mind using particular words\’ recitation such as \’peace\’ or \’i have reached comfort level\’ for acquiring easier and quicker self-hypnotic state and then, give suggestion to your mind for healing transformation.