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The very effective modalities namely \’Clinical hypnotherapy\’, \’Psychic therapy\’ and \’Past life regression\’ are three major subjects which are taught in Indian Hypnosis Academy for diploma course. After the accomplishment of this diploma course you would become certified to practice it practically for providing healing to others. Clinical pyshic therapy is a meditation based program which also makes you eligible for doing healing practice authentically. Past life regression therapy is imparted to hypnosis acquaints only. \’Age regression\’ and \’past life regression\’ are the two therapies which are taught to the students who have been enrolled for \’past life regression\’ course. Psychologically fit above 18 years of age person is eligible for learning these therapies. As per qualification eligibility,passout candidates of \’Delhi secondary board\’ and graduated from english would get admission. For students below the eligibility criteria education based hypnosis is taught to strengthen their mental level, improve communication skill, build sportmanship and develop healthy relationship.