Kidney Failure | Naturopathy for Kidney Failure | Rajni Aggarwal

Our health depend on the balance of digetion, nutrition and excretion. Our excretory sytem helps in removing the toxins from our body, So, if this system does not work properly our health suffers. There are various symptoms which can tell a person about his kidneys improper functioning like high blood presure, chest pain, urine problem, swelling due to water retention, itching, los of appetitte, uncontrolled diabetes, consumption of diuretic drugs, etc. So, in such cases it is adviced to have more water intake only if the patient is not on dialysis. Dialysis is the treatment by which the blood is purified artificially. There are so many problems which has to be faced during Kidney Tansplantion like the kindney must match the recipient\’s kidney and the donor\’s both kidneys must be functional. After the transplantation the patient has to consume immune supressive drugs for their whole life and also such patients are more prone to cough and cold.