Karz Ka Mayajaal, Astrological Solution

Astrologer Sarita Gupta tells about Karz-Ka-Mayajaal (Trap of indebtedness). Let’s see from the effect of loans via astrological point of view. Everyone wants to live lavished & comfortable life. Joy & sorrow are the two aspects of the life as a coin. Our calculative mind allows to take loan but some inauspicious dates tend to pile it up as hefty loan. And eventually, we fall prey to indebtedness (Karz-ka-Mayajaal).

Go for analysis of planets via examining horoscope at the time of taking loan. However, your calculative mind has looked into every aspect of how to pay loan but it’s better to consider via astrological point of view. Astrology can foretell about the upcoming problems while paying loan amount. But Karz-ka-Mayajaal (trap of indebtedness) can be reduced through astrology solutions. Although problems can’t be averted yet their negative impact can be cut down.

Astrology provides solutions through five sources, i.e. Snan, daan, Worshipping, Mantra & Yantra. Loan can be paid off as early as possible via small astrological solutions. Try to pay off loan amount on Tuesday & Saturday. Don’t take more loan on the same days. Keep water near your head at night and offer it to plant the next morning.

As per astrology solutions for Karz-Ka-Mayajaal, the debtor should feed food to poor people on Sunday.Serve food in orphanage. Feed spinach to cow daily and chant ‘Gayatri Mantra’ religiously. Sesame seeds, rice & sugar should be served to black insects on Tuesday. Serve ‘Trichauli’ to birds.

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