Jyotish Shastra

How astrology was born and how does it affect people? Many people have misconception in their mind. Grief and happiness are formed by astrology. It’s all about the conclusion of ones karmas which we often understand through an astologer’s predictions such as Rahu or Saturn or mars is inflicting pain. Once goddess Lakshmi, while pressing the feet of lord Vishnu in ‘Ksheer-sagar’, asked what is the reason of pain and grief in human life? Lord Vishnu smiled and replied that his karmas are responsible for inviting either pain or grief. At this goddess lakshmi asked further if there is any solution or way through which he can abandon evil acts and hence, get relieved from pain and sufferings. The coilited discussion of goddess lakshmi or Saraswati or lord brahma and lord vishnu is concluded to form astrology. Lord Brahma was assiged a job of recording transactions of human accounts as per their karmas which he transfered to seer ‘Bhrigu’ along with the additional responsibility of revealing the path of their repentance from sin. Some of the ignorant people conclude such topics which do not have any relation with scriptures. Devoting to astrology can do a miracle in your life which enables you to know the significance of your name, date of birth, professional life, the right time of marriage, married life, auspicious moment to earn fame and inauspicious moments of ending raj-yog your life. Karmas lay foundation of your life. One can avert disaster that are caused by ones’ evil acts through astrological solutions. You can easily get acquaint with the fact whether you have committed evil acts or done auspicious deeds. Some people keep uttering that despite offering black pulse or black blanket to poors, success has not yet been achieved by us. Actually, Shani or saturn is the judge of our karmas. He can either turn a beggar into a king or vice-versa.Anyone can become an engineer, doctor or any other high profile person through the blessing of Saturn.Good or bad fortune are the outcome of our karmas.The concept of ‘Vedic-Astrology’ was discovered by saint ‘Bhrigu’ which consists of description regarding the destiny of every individual.Have faith in astrology as it is not the matter of every common individual to study it. Its study requires prohibition and care of some aspects such as accepting any spiritual guru or accomplishing any siddhi via generous acts. Avoid liars and hypocrites which are ready to fool you in the disguise of astrologers. The disciple of goddess Saraswati is an eligible nominee to be an strologer who respects his parents and cow; who has dedicated to good deeds and whose prophecies become true. Lord Brahma has revealed this secret to saint ‘Bhrigu’ that firm faith in astrology is the miraculous way of transforming life via vedic guidelines of astrology.

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