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We have been giving naturopathy tips for the malignant diseases since 1982. Diseases are the consequences of misdeed and evil deeds conducted by a particular individual. Death is inevitable. Our body is not a gift since gift are not meant to return to god. God has given us life and he possesses every right to take it back that we can witness through its uncertain strike.Thus, we should be thankful to god for granting us a new dawn in life.

Astrologers have proven that suffering from disease by birth is an outcome of planetary moves. Our naturopathy tips have successfully treated at least 50% such cases after examining astrological aspects relating to them. In fact, those who care for their body intensively, they become capable of expelling disease from their body.

Indulging in evil practices and conceiving evil ideas, knowingly or unknowingly, casts negative impact on our body. As a result, we fall ill. Only, auspicious and generous deeds are the secret of remaining healthy. For instance, a milkman who used to inject insulin into the body of his buffalo for the sake of milking more, became victim of his own sin which he committed ignorantly.In his elder age, he became a diabetic and is injected insulin in the morning and at night.

White discharge treatment is possible through naturopathy tips. The natural cure for white discharge is to consume pomegranate juice and mixed juice of beetroot, tomato and carrot every morning; avoid spicy and warm food such as turmeric milk; no bath or bathing with warm water is recommended during menses. Or, you should introduce six months course of prescribed herbal medicine for White Discharge treatment.

Swallow 1/4 spoonful of ajwain in the morning and evening religiously as itching treatment. Introducing turmeric milk can establish peace and harmony in the marital relationship along with financial gain. Planet Venus becomes strong and Jupiter takes its position at high degree. Applying mustard oil on nails appeases Rahu, Ketu and Saturn due to which unlimited gain begins to come into your account.

As per weight loss tips, Obesity or over weight can be cured by introducing the juice of white pethha with turmeric (or aami turmeric)and vedic-amrit for 6 months as they correct metabolism, improve liver functioning and reduce cholesterol which decrease body weight gradually. Instant reduction in the weight can cause wrinkles, energize body and put on weight excessively at sudden. Avoid the juice of bottle guord as it increases pain according to naturopathy tips & weight loss tips.