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Tradition and religions have been dating since ancestral period. Tradition means adoration or fondness in Hindi language. Now, it has remained a meaningless practice and can be changeable. While ‘principles’ have been formulated during bygone era which should never be violated.

In hindu religion of Indian culture & tradition,entrusting girl via ‘Kanyadaan’ in her marriage is the superme charity. ‘Var’ means superior and hence, the biggest charity in the form of ‘Kanya ‘ or girl is entrusted to the var or the groom.

As per hindu ritual of Indian Culture & tradition, handing over dried dates and coconut in marriage conveys the message of following materialism and spirituality that walk hand-&-hand to meet the sacred god. A woman should be served as nature who is selfless, by her husband via his dutiful acts.

Religious practice has become orthodoxy due to ignorant attitude of elders who do not satisfy curiosity of young generation based on rituals.

Indian Culture & tradition tell Alha, allah, Vaheguru and Hajrat connote the same meaning of bliss and happiness. World should never be treated as an abode of grief instead, it should be treated as a pleasurable blessing.

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