Impotence | Hypnosis for Impotence | Erectile Dysfunction

Inability of a person to perform sexuality is called impotency. It is classified into two types, i.e Physiological and Psychological. A person should be certified to be physically fit then only a hypnotist can help him to come out of such health crisis. There is no particular age during which it strikes.A hypnotist begins his therapy by working on psychological reasons of this disease. Fundamentally, our sub-conscious mind guides sexual life. It\’s psychological reasons may be frequent consideration of our body\’s proper functioning that sometimes, does not seem satisfying as per expectation, conveyance of wrong information relating to sexuality via unauthentic sources that breeds false notion, wrong feedback from your partner, mental fatigue and imposing sexuality on your body against its need.The patient has to go through two tests namely, suggestibility test and sexuality test.The former test judges patient\’s sex priority, behaviour pattern etc. And then, healing is provided to both partners with in 3 to 4 sessions.But prime consideration is paid to the main patient.

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