Importance of Worshipping Peepal Tree

Peepal tree is an abode of Lord Narayana. Problems and severe circumstances are the sources through which sacred god scruitinizes the patience and calibre of an honest generous individual. As you sow so shall you reap, either good or bad.For instance, a peasant sows seeds, but the rain starts falling at the time of crop harvesting. His staunch faith in god can sail him across at the time of ordeal. Individuals encountering absence of sturdiness in fate,astrological defect of Saturn, liability of father and mother (matri or pitri-rin)defect, strijaati rin and various inauspicious impacts are advised to repent over their sins by worshipping peepal tree. The boughs of peepal tree look enormous and wide since grief and cheer unite there.Lord Shani lives there as a judge and lord Narayana himself arrive on Friday evening and exists till Saturday morning. Summon deity Narayana through the core of your heart, your beseech will be granted for sure and success will have to enroute to your destiny. Lord saturn (shani) does not get appeased if there is even a meagre suspicion. Other planets may be coaxed by your buttering or approach but the prayer to lord Narayana can release you from the trap of numerous sufferings. Peepal tree is reigned by Bhairo, lord Shani, Lord Narayana, goddess Durga and goddess Lakshmi also. You can mesmerize your ancestors by worshipping this pious tree. Offer food while sitting under this sacred tree at shraadha makes our ancestors pleased. You would be relieved from the fear of any devilish spirit (pret) by undergoing very simple rituals & through strong spiritual influence of Bhairo. Bow down your head before peepal tree with reverance to feel the charisma of this holy ritual. Your life will become free from the adversities casted by malefics. Hardships will start diminishing miraculously.

Sushmita Banerjee (born on 6.2.1983 at 4:15 in Kanpur) desires to know about her marriage. Her horoscope conveys that the alliance of Ketu and Mercury is existing in ascendence, Rahu is housed in 7th aspect (the house of marriage). These astological study concludes that marriage related talks will get terminated at the very last moment due to presence of Rahu in 7th aspect. Her birth-chart depicts ‘Budha-chaandaal dosha’ along with inflictions caused by Rahu on her health as well. The alliance of Mars (lord of benefits) and Venus (lord of 12th and 5th aspects) needs ritualistic remedy for reducing its negativity. There is strong possibility of her wedding in November. Thereafter, next pious occasion will fall in August next year. Arrange holy rituals (pooja) for pleasing saturn, mars and ‘Kaatyaayani devi poojan’ for the perspective of arraging early marriage.

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