Importance of Worshipping God

Worshipping is all about unflinching faith in god. The inhumane code of conduct, such as being tyrannical & disrespectful; creating hurdles & complications for others in the route of their promotion, concludes nothing except failure and plights. The scriptures gifted by God has the mention of 9 devotions. The prime devotion advocates ‘accompanying virtuous people’. For instance, a farmer cultivates the barren land with fertile compost, good quality seeds & water but the field does not become fertile. Likewise, an individual has to switch to the company of virtuous beings in order to pursue the route of generosity. Virtuous character can be carved under the guidance of a erudite or learned guru. The way of devotion shows the path of riddance from committed sins, poverty , indebtedness, health disorders and uncertain severe accidents since God suggests the ultimate solution when only failure resumes to strike to anyone again & again. Almighty has deployed 9 planets in order to render his own service to mankind via various dashas, mahadashas, gochar and yutis. For instance, the dasha of the sun restrains name, fame & wealth. On the contrary, the similar planet can bestowe lavished life, comforts & prosperity by virtue of virtuous karmas. The influence of the planets can be exhibited via the instance of the moon. On full moon night, the tides of the ocean acquire gigantic size and cyclones attempt to hit the shore that affects human life. While the same moon casts its cooling impact later on the soaring waves and calms them down. Devotion with pure reverence grants exemption from all complexities.

Bhupider Singh (born on 18.1.70 at 8:30 a.m. in Ludhiana) desires to know the astrological reasons retarding the progress of his business & deteriorating his health. As per astrology, his horoscope reveals that moon is impacting in the mahadasha of Jupiter. However, moon belongs to 7th aspect but is residing in 5th aspect. Such position of moon is causing confoundedness & anxiety. He ough to discharge misri & rice into the running water on new moon night & try to appease moon through prayer & rituals.

Neetu (born on 4.1.96 at 5 a.m. in Ropar) wants to know about her education via astrological conclusions. Her horoscope reveals that Jupiter is residing in 2nd aspect while the aspect of valour is depicted through 5th aspect. ‘Kaal sirp dosha’ is inflicting her. Therefore, she ought to perform parihar poojan for averting ‘kaal sirp dosha’; discharge barley in flowing water and worship Rahu while lightning a lamp on one Saturday.

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