Importance of turmeric | Blood Pressure | Thyroid Treatment

Let we disclose the importance of turmeric. Turmeric in milk is the best remedy for many health problems. It is the best anti-biotic and helps in treating pains, blood pressure and depression.

America’s research has also found out that turmeric in milk is not at all harmful. Though piles can hit to some people due to excessive heat and blood pressure can, also,increase. To control blood pressure, you can have daal cheeni or seeds of watermelon.

For piles & constipation, you can have munakka in turmeric milk.

For thyroid cure, having dhania’s water in the morning and night is an excellent remedy.

Chapatti made of wheat, chana and barley and drinking one cup warm water after meal is very helpful remedy for weight loss. You can also press ring finger of both hands with your thumb to cure thyroid. You can also tie a wet cloth around your stomach to reduce stomach fat.

For healing chapped heel, you can roast turmeric, mix honey in it and apply daily before sleeping. Before applying this paste you must soak your feet in warm water consisting of salt and alum.

To reduce uric acid, you can have small brinjal’s vegetable and warm water after every meal. In fact, you should have warm water in every two hours.

For healing knee pain, apply turmeric and honey paste after soaking your feet in warm water. You must add choona in it to relieve the pain. Also, at night you should have 1/4th spoon turmeric in milk.