Importance of Kitchen | Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Kitchen is significant part of house since food is essential need of life. We can not survive since we get energy with food. Food is of two types, i.e. taamasik and saatwik. Taamasik food involves warmth giving eatables which can be flesh and fish as well. Thus, our sub-conscious and behaviour behave in the same manner , i.e. Taamasik (means aggressive) while saatwik stands for peaceful and harmonious temperament. We should have saatwik meal as per vastu since it ensures calm and composed behaviour. However, aggression is necessary but focus and peace are vital for indulging in progressive acts in life. Thus, kitchen plays key role in retaining peace and sound health. Main gate in north is considered good in reference to monitory benefits according to vastu. Therefore, the gate should be made light and paint it with light colour. Southeast is the best location for kitchen and south represents neutral direction for kitchen. Opened south and closed north indicate vastu defect. Yellow paint should be applied in north and picture portraying water should be adorned there. Heavy curtains should be hung and lake it loaded with heavy storage in south so that energy of this side will not get leaked. Toilet in east is also supposed to be a vastu defect. As per vastu solutions, keep it clean and hygienic; alongside, place a bowl full of sea-salt and place a pious plant also to absorb negative energy. Studying in the room built in south is though to be not so good from the perspective of vastu and the back should not be at the back of the students. North facing is recommended in vastu guidelines. Vastu defect in kitchen causes various health disorders, such as surgery, to the house lady or the main female of the house, clashes and quarrels among family members, even litigation and financial crisis also rise. Kitchen in northeast leads to the foretold problems. Three doors in the same alignment are supposed to be vastu defect. Keep the middle door shut for getting rid of this vastu defect. Vastu is a remedial science that tends to get recovered from the affect of vastu defect but full recovery seems impossible through vastu solutions. Pyramids and crystals represent different therapies which are utilized to reduce any vastu defect. But no alternate is directly connected with Vastu. Water-tank above kitchen is considered as inauspicious and southwest is suitable for water-tank only. All second-hand goods consist of energy of former owner. So, always try not to buy second hand goods at anyhow condition. Southeast is fit for kitchen as per vastu guidelines while either west or south is suitable for toilet. West facing house should have master bedroom in southwest and southeast should be fixed for kitchen. North can be utilized as living room while east can be used as study room. As per vastu norms, southeast is governed by the deity \’Agni\’; therefore, it is an ideal location for kitchen establishing religious aspect. As per scientific aspect , the rising sun from east gets stringent dissipating excessive heat energy while heading to southeast direction. Thus, the infra red rays of the sun burn out germs and dries dampness to keep the kitchen exempted from insanitary conditions and thereby, food is cooked piously since the entire surrounding would get sanctified. Vital energies triggering from northeast flow out of the house if kitchen is built in the southwest. So, kitchen in east dries out all energies and funds causing depression and anxiety. Various ailments, such as Asthma, are caused due to kitchen in west. Vastu directions suggest that the table of the aspirants should not be kept stuck to wall and there should have wall at their back while studying whereas facing should be north. Overhead beam and disordered books also cause lack of concentration. For vastu remedy to build concentration as support, Amaethyst stone should be kept at the table. Vastu is not a science for rectification. As you have in your destiny, you will get only that. Our life is divided in three parts, i.e. past karmas, fixed destiny (planetary positions) and vastu environment. To conclude the result correctcly, one has to analyse the foretold three aspects of life. Donations can nullify the past karmas; fixed destiny can be corrected and improved through prayer or beseech but correction of vastu is the matter to be sorted out by yourself. One has to check the degree or qualification, knowledge of \’Maya Matang\’-a vastu scripture, acknowledgement of new therapies for prescribing remedy of vastu consultant before hiring him for vastu consultancy. Cutting down a tree is believed to be an ominous act as per vastu but after offering rite and rituals while asking for forgiveness, it can be uprooted. You can grow tree on some other ground for repentence. Well in southwest points towards the severe vastu defect since it will not let any of your work to be accomplished ever. So, make it shifted to north or northeast. South, southwest and northwest are good directions for building stairs clockwise and odd in number. In the west facing house, northwest or the centre of west is fine for main gate. Gas-stove should be in the east while source of water should be in south of the kitchen.