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Astrologer Sarita Gupta describes the importance of gemstone. Indian & western civilization have been using gems for years. The divine power of gems is so powerful that it uproots psychological, physical and economical problem. Owning own instinct, individuality & uniqueness, every gem casts its impact. Gemstons have been in trend since kings’ rule.

As per importance of gemstone, some are for lifetime while others are worn for limited time period.Most of the celebrities may be found with gemstone in their hands. But beware, as all gemstones are not beneficial but hazardous too.

Matching with the flow of blood, gemstones enhance the power of the wearer by 5 percent to more. And thereafter, the wearer’s mind,body and soul work correspondingly. For instance, a person with too cool temperament can be suggested ‘pearl’ while ‘ruby’ or ‘mallet’ is worn by the person who is shirk of work.

Importance of gemstone apparently shows the gemstones are not suitable to all eaqually since our horoscope has . 12 houses & nine planets. Some can be malefics & benefics respetively. Sometimes gemstones worn as per ascendent and planets can cast negative impact instead of postive affect. However, negative impact of the planet can’t be elliminated completely but can be cut down to certain extent.

Gemstones do not provide any magical power, instead, transmits vigor and energy to do work efficiently. Importance of gemstone is hidden in our horoscope. It tells to wear which gemstone when, how and of how much weight. These should be put on as per advice of an adept astrologer.

Importance of gemstone is exhibited via its cool, calm, dispirited & zealous attributes. Wearing gemstone similar to the attributes of malefic or benefics can brinng negative impact. A good astrologer can tell which gem benefits you aptly. Gemstones have their specific durations that can either be two years or six months. Thereafter, they tend to loose their effect. Thus, one has to look into its significance thoroughly for getting as much benefit as you can. The gem should be of high quality. Spellbound gemstone shows very good results.

Gems reduce the negative impact of malefics but expecting overnight transformation can’t be possible. Gems empower the wearer to combat the troubles and problems.

As per importance of gemstone, don’t put it on as ‘showpiece’ but wear it as per its significance. Gemstones should be re-examined by an expert. With the passing time, these can be defective & thereby, loose their significance. We should put these gemstones off at birth & death. Then after rituals, these must be sanctified with gangajal.

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