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How can astrological remedies benefit an individual? Goswami Tulsidas has said, \’Jaati-paati kul dharm badhaayi maan sahit gun gayi chaturaayi\’ which means that god can never be conquered through power, caste, wisdom and not by wealth.Such materialistic things do not mesmerize god. Instead he is fond of devotion and such devotion shoots through love, thus, he can be capitavated by devotion. Generous deeds summon prosperity and good fortune in human life. God knew that pain and shortages will drag human close to him such as by bowing-down head before peepal tree, pleasure can be won. While suggesting astrological solutions, the shorcomings due to planets or their alliance such as lunar eclipse in birth-chart can be removed by offering barley mixed in milk to lord Shiva for getting rid of the evil impact of Rahu. Moon is crowned on lord Shiva and hence, it is the most easy way to appease lord Shiva.Implementing astrological solutions with pious heart can do a wonder in one\’s life. Offering flowers of devotion at the feet of your parents, god or guru brings happiness in life. Astrological solutions implemented with sacred heart that is free from any proud and greed can fill your life with cheer and even incline the god in your favour. Planetary eclipse,striking poverty and deteriorating honour can be the result of defects in planetary alliance. Devotion paid to mighty god can let the flow of prosperity in the life of anyone. For instance, sacred offering dedicated to god as \’AshvamedhaYjana\’ or for \’Kal-sarp dosh\’ goes all in waste because of greed, evil thoughts and pretentive display of splendor. Ancient students used to enchant the hymn \’Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaay Namah\’ several times for gaining concentration. They were advised to discharge the leaf of a banyan tree in the flowing water of a river after circumambulating it thrice around their body on which the similar hymn would be written. Sticking a feather of peacock at front wall of the study table enables the student to focus. The similar feather would enhance the beauty of lord Krishna and would protect him from the negative aura of anyone. If a small black dot of Kaajal at the forehead, heel or below earlobe of a child can restrict negative aura then firm faith in god can also change the way of your life. The increasing height of tides on full moon night shows the impact of planets in our life. Just feel, appease and beseech those planets with dedication and devotion for ending astrological defects. Success will be yours through dedication and reverance undoubtedly.

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