The process of switching to trans mode via deep meditation is known as ‘Hypnotherapy’. This state lowers down the functioning of sub-conscious mind to reprogram it for feeding positive notions. Hypnotherapy enables sharpening of your memory. It evokes the power of recalling & developing logical thinking. Hypnotherapy helps in getting rid of fear of phobia and achieving the set target.

Mind can be programmed through both, meditative and awaken mode. Mind programming can be positive or negative. Negative mind programming decreases secretion of hormones from penial and pituitary glands which automatically causes diseases. Positive mind programming swipes negativity from one’s mind.

Crystals are energized to channelize positive mind programming in reiki therapy. Navel displacement can be corrected by exerting pressure via acupressure machine for 3 minutes on centre of your palm which symbolizes navel in acupressure therapy. Magnets will not allow it to displace again. Navel displacement can be occured in 8 directions. Displacement of navel in left side leads to pain in right shoulder and left leg while its downward displacement causes loose motions and heart diseases. Frequent loose motion can also be treated by activating 10 points on your hand for improving digestion process. Left small finger should be stimulated as it represents small intestine while right little finger symbolizes large intestine for quenching constipation by marking red colour on the first joint of them or wrap methi ring there till 8 hours.

You can heal solar plexus chakra and sacral chakra to cure constipation through reiki. Constipation leads to piles which is a prestaged degenerative disease like cancer. Activated water of reiki crystals acts like elixir that balances polarity (yin and yang) inside the body and regularizes digestion to avert related health disorders.Specify the details of health disorder before making order for acupressure or reiki kit.

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