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It is a myth that hypnotherapy is all about casting a spell or enchantment that has been showcased in movies and magic shows. Instead, a hypnotist guides the existing behaviour of a patient by altering it via trans mode and hence, empowers him to recover soon. But if that mind-programming clashes with his values then he definitely rejects it. This process is applied to induce more awareness for which sinking into deep concentration is necessary. Therefore, hypnotherapy is a long exercise since acceptance via this therapy consumes a lot of time for becoming a part of patient\’s behaviour in clinical applications. The patient is pushed into deep meditative mode (hypnotic stage) slowly so that repreogrammed operations would be accepted by sub-conscious mind effectively. A patient can come out of hypnotic state instantly or within 10 minutes. Hypnotherapy has become limited to certain specialists who share it with masses for earning money. But it is really worthy in clinical applications.

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