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Hypnotism is based on psychological science via which alteration in memory can be done with the aid of mind-programming. Although the wordly meaning of \’hypnosis\’ is sleep yet it does not convey its exact meaning. It symbolizes altered state of mind like meditation, in which deep-rooted emotions and feelings spring out through accessing and exploring our sub-conscious mind. Hypnotism is assumed to be an art of controlling a mind but authentically, it makes the mind more active and generates awareness about past. An indvidual\’s memory dives into the ocean of experienced moments from where he/she recalls and evokes the forgotten images of past moments. Our value-system is deeply rooted which remains active in accepting or rejecting anything while roaming into transcendental state. Our epics, like Ramayana has the account of Lord Hanuman to whom Jamvanta made him recalled his forgotten power of floating in the air and in Mahabharata, Lord Krishna evoked the record of Bhishma Pitamaha\’s committed sin. These incidents justify the existence of hypnotism.

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