Hypnosis for Stage Fright | Overcoming Stage Fright | Hypnotism

Mental strength varies from person to person. Some are psychological tough enough that they can perform easily on stage while some feel scared to comeup on the stage, although they may be good at criticizing other\’s performance. Their feet start trembling due to stress and hence, their performance suffers. Hypnosis helps in tackling such fear or fright by putting the same person into trans mode and thereby, build-up his confidence slowly. Parents,along with teachers, should boost up such child\’s confidence while involving with him/her since beginning of the rehearsal in front of small known group to final performance on the stage in front of unknown crowd. Both,introvert and extrovert, may develop fright but an extrovert starts mingling with others earlier as compare to an introvert. Comparison with others and over-expectation, unknowingly, contribute to developing fright but appreciation of his/her small achievement can release some fright but that must not be fake.Hypno-councelling or hypnotherapy removes anxiety that is creating fright via trans councelling,