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The ‘Vedic astrologer’ Mr. P.K.Sarna describes the relation and impact of moon on human being. According to this ‘top astrologer’, moon influences human behavior as similar as it flings its effect on the waves and tides of the ocean to acquire the shape of a cyclone in it on full moon night. Being closest to the earth, moon spreads its great impact on the ratio of salt in ocean water as well as on the body of human beings. This ‘Vedic astrologer’ informs that maximum cases of admittance of insane to lunatic asylum are recorded on full moon night and minimum on no moon night.

On being the ‘best astrologer’, Mr. P.K. Sarna claims for advising best possible solutions to:

Virendra Pahwa who is currently residing in Canada but he was born in New Delhi on 21/3/78 at 08:13 a.m. He is a divorcee and concerning about second wedding as well as he wants consultation in prospect of his career also.
– As per knowledge of ‘Vedic astrology’, the ‘best astrologer’ Mr. P.K. Sarna elaborates that Virendra’s lagan is mesh and his lagnesh is in the 4th house. The mercury is also abiding in 4th house while the existing state is pointing towards the state of Venus and Ketu. His Rahu and Ketu are in pointing to the state of trikona.

– The state of ‘uchcha’ Venus or Shukra and ‘Neech’ state of Buddha as well as of mercury or mangal confirm bad phase for married life.

– Good fortune for happy second married life will begin from August as it will be the starting of ‘Surya’ dashaa or state.

– He should do holy rituals in the form of Buddha puja, mangal puja and Brihaspati puja as well as utter hymns or mantras related to these graha or planets every day for prosperous married life and good career.

– Wearing yellow cloths on Thursday and white on Friday is recommended by this ‘top astrologer’.

– No gem would cast any good or beneficial spell for now. So, keep the idea of wearing gem in store.

Vaishali from Kolkata enquires about the possibility of marriage. She is a doctor by profession and was born on 31/3/71 at 12:45 in Kolkata.
– As per ‘Vedic astrology’, her lagan is Sagittarius and her lagnesh is in 12th house. The state of moon is ‘Uchcha’ while shani is in ‘Neech’ house.

– The state of Brihaspati in 4th house is prevailing now and Jupiter is also in the 4th house of shani Nakshatra which both indicate the denial and interruption in marriage possibility for now.

– Mercury is in 7th and 9th star of Ketu while Ketu in 5th and 8th house signifies denial in marriage.

– Wear Rudraksha of 7 and 11 mukhi and perform puja of Brihaspati.

– Buddha indicates the proposal of love marriage and the prospective spouse would belong to the same profession as of yours.

Astrological solutions are asked by a resident of Bangalore as his career is fluctuating and the fear of uncertainty and suspense is surmounting due to non-stability in a particular job.
– As per conclusion of the ‘top astrologer’ and the erudite of ‘Vedic Astrology’, if his cabin in the office is established in the northwest direction then instability is confirmed. So, change its direction.

– If there is any window at the back of your seat or chair, close and cover it with the picture of either mountain or waterfall. So that negativity that is inviting fluctuation and instability would get prohibited.

As per ‘India Astrologer’, Palmistry signifies the distinguished impact and effect of varied hands. Are they all correct?
– There are several types of hands like long, short, heavy, yellow and pink. Each signifies different vitality such as soft hands with lots of net on palm depict inactive and bad for career. Heavy hands with long fingers shows goodness from every prospective but the Nakshatra also plays an important role along with those approaches.

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