Hemoglobin | Acidity | Fibroid | Naturopathy

In case you have got low hemoglobin, take mixed juice of carrot, tomato & beet root in the morning & apple juice once in a day. It will give you strength & will provide good results in increasing hemoglobin level.

To overcome the problem of fibroid in uterus you need to follow a 6 month course provided by our organization. As per naturopathy, it will eliminate the cause. You also take a glass of milk daily with a pinch of turmeric in it, you will get relieving results via naturopathy. Also apply fuller earth (multani mitti) on your stomach & tie water soaked bandage on your stomach for better consequences.

For acidity & gas cure, take Munakka & turmeric in a glass of milk daily. It will clean your stomach properly & will eliminate acidity soon.

Order vedic amrit from the samstha, it will reduce your weight & decrease inches from your tummy surely. With the course also take a glass of hot water after every meal & knot water soaked bandage on stomach for proven outcomes.