Height Increase | Weight Loss

Height Increase is possile by drinking mixed juice of tomato,beetroot and carrot. Stand on your head while taking support of a wall and stretch your legs horizontally down one by one for Height Increase. Do skipping and hang on the rod fixed at height for Height Increase.

Wrap warm woollen cloth over damp cotton bandage around your tummy for reducing its size, touch your palm with the same hand’s ring finger overlapping it by thumb while keeping the rest fingers straight for 30 minutes thrice a day This way weight loss is possible. Apply fuller earth(multani mitti) on your stomach, drink hot water after taking your meal for weight loss. Or, you can have white pettha’s juice and lemon juice in hot water with few drops of honey in it for weight loss.

Apply paste of urad dal, turmeric and honey or paste of fuller earth on sagged breast to make it taut.Make it routine to have buttermilk with cumin seeds and asafoetida in the noon, mixed juice of carrot,tomato and beetroot in the morning and use fuller-earth in place of soap while washing your hair for avoiding grey hair.