Height Gain & Mind Programming

The most effective treatment of gaining height is acupressure.There are numerous individuals who wish to increasse their height. Earlier, our acupressure treatment was restricted to age group below 18. But now, we have begun to give this treatment to the people upto 28 year of age. The research is going on for extending the implementation of this treatment to the people of the age group ’32’. The patients are showing positive result. Those who can not visit our centre, they can place order for it’s kit while sitting at home. An acupressure machine will be dispatched along with many other aiding tools for increasing height. The person has to activate 10 points on hands specified in the chart and CD. It is to be followed by sticking magnets on the stimulated points. Within one month, the result will automatically tell you the effectiveness of the treatment. It is always suggested that one has to note the height before beginning the treatment and then reaccess the height after one month. You will note the increment in height. Many doctors visit to our centre including doctors of ‘Max Hospital’ to know the context in which we utilize this therapy. Impressed doctor, asked for kit to treat two patients who were benefitted by it. This treatment increases the secretion of growth hormones from pituitary glands in brain; thereby, the height grows. It is prescribed to go for healthy diet. All kids can try this treatment. This treatment should be started from the early age if they knew that the height of their parents is short. People undergoing this treatment during late age of 28 years should not expect excellent result. The correct age to begin this treatment is 12 or 13 year for attaining exquisite results. We can give assurance of gaining height provided that the kit and prescription would have been utilized for sure. Naturally, an individual’s height can hike upto 1 or 1 and half inch within 3 months. The individuals below 18 years can notice the difference within 18 to 20 days after utilizing this treatment. Patience should be kept by those who fall in the age group above 18 for witnessing the result.

Oozing blood with urine indicates hemorrhage in urinary tract. There is a kit specifically designed for this disease. You have to use the acupressure machine to insert pressure and magnets on specific points. You have to stimulate your left index finger for curing any kind of urine related disorder.

In reiki, sacral and base chakras are healed to get rid of urine problem. The magnetized water of 7 crystals will help you to combat any ailment. The streaming out of blood with urine indicates low level of energy inside. Consumption of magnetized water balances yin and yang of the body and will energize all 7 chakras of the body.

Mind Programming is the method of feeding corrective programs in the sub-conscious mind.Feeding negative programmes in the form of negative words leads to deterioration. Instead of conveying negative thoughts and conclusion, one has to recall the positive aspect of any thing during Mind Programming. Astrological prediction has a drawback according to which absence of Date of Birth and time lead to wrong conclusion through it.

Tarot card reading reveals past, present and future of an individual, even vastu defect can also be detected while sitting at any place. Tarot card reading directs to follow certain guidelines for fruitful outcome. Various alternatives are available against all disorders by god. We can come to know the remedies also of the troubles which we are facing in our routine life. In case, any activity of your life is not concluding well then tarot card reading will provide you aiding suggestions through guidelines. Tarot card reading is a simplest science that supplies effective suggestions those really work out. Set your mind programming in a positive way.

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