Healthy Diet | Hypothyroid | Weight Reduction | Height Gain

Neck Pain & Hypothyroid

Drink Cow’s milk with Ghee in it.
Take ½ spoon of Coriander seed powder in the morning and eveningto beat Hypothyroid.
Soak a towel in warm water which contains salt and alum powder. Wring it and wrap it tightly around your neck. It will help to decrease the pain of cervical or pain due to other reason.
Move and stretch your neck in all directions for 5 to 15 minutes.
Drink the juice of ‘Salaki’ for keeping ‘Hypothyroid’ at edge.
Turmeric in warm milk will reduce any kind of pain. Drink it before going to bed every night.
Weight reduction

Have a cup of warm water after taking every healthy diet.
Drink pumpkin juice or ‘white petha’ in the morning for weight reduction.
Drink a glass of warm water with the juice of two or three lemons in it for five days regularly and then resume this practice after the break of 2 days to cut off the risk of any side effect.
Wrap wet bandage around your stomach tightly and then cover it with a shawl or woollen cloth for weight reduction.
Healthy Diet

Include Vedic Amrit in your diet which is a lone energizing solution for combating all diseases and maintain good health.
Do ‘Suryanamaskar’ every day to revive the energy of the body.
Enjoy buttermilk with roasted cumin seeds and asafetida along with the meal at noon to extract benefits of healthy diet.
Add green vegetables in your diet as these are considered healthy diet.
Drink warm milk with turmeric in it at night.

Soak a spoon of Coriander seeds at night in the water. Boil it till the water will remain half and sieve it. Consume this water in the morning to reduce pain and swelling. Do the same during the day also and consume it at night too to keep hypothyroid at bay.
Have buttermilk at noon.
Drink milk with turmeric at night to reduce swelling in Hypothyroid.
Prepare dough of gram flour, wheat flour and barley flour to make chapatti. Include it your meal.
Do gargle with the warm water in which salt and alum have been mixed to reduce throat swelling and inflammation due to Hypothyroid twice or thrice a day.
Stretch your neck by doing exercise and asana of neck.
Height gain

Drink milk with a spoon of ‘Ashwagandha’ powder in it every day for height gain.
The juice made up of tomato, beetroot and carrot seeds is a magical remedy for height gain. Drink it in winter season.
Make order for ‘Height gain’ set from the institution.