Health Tips | Weight Reduction | Naturopathy for Glow on Face

As per health tips, mix juice of two lemons and one spoon of honey in warm water and drink it regularly for five days in the morning for weight reduction. Skip it for two days and then again continue it for five days. Do this for one month and you will see its benefits in weight reduction.

If you feel that uric acid is producing then stop drinking it immediately. Have watermelon and melon. This would help in weight reduction and give you relief in constipation. Chapatti made of wheat, chana (gram) and barley and drinking one cup warm water after meal is a very helpful remedy for weight reduction as per Naturopathy.

You can also press the ring finger of both hands with your thumbs for weight reduction. You can also tie a wet cloth around your stomach to reduce stomach fat. Doing surya-namaskar is also beneficial.

As per Naturopathy for glow on face, you should eat melon. Also, make a paste of melon’s seeds and apply it on your face. You can apply lemon and honey on your face and multani mitti before taking bath as suggested in Naturopathy for glow on face.

For curing stone in kidney and knee pain, drink turmeric milk and soak your legs in warm salt water. Have watermelon seeds and cinnamon. According to Naturopathy for glow on face, boil neem in water and use that water for bathing. Eat neem’s new leaves. Apply multani mitti before taking bath. Avoid sugar and such fruits which have sugar in them.