Health tips | Stomach Pain | Knee Pain

As per health tips, apply paste of green coriander leaves on face to remove dark spots. Also, drink turmeric milk which will help in purifying your blood. For overcoming swelling, soak the dried coriander in water overnight and then boil that water in the morning till it reduces to half. Filter that water and drink as per health tips for calming down thyroid problem. This will help in reducing swelling.

For curing knee pain, add ¼ teaspoon turmeric in boiled milk and if you are not a diabetic patient then you can also add Munaka to it and drink this milk daily at night to ensure knee pain cure. Also, soak white sesame seeds in water at night and then in the morning,grind them to fine paste by adding some water and then drink this. This will help in reducing swelling, pains and increasing the calcium.

According to health tips, one ought to avoid fried food, sugar and drink salaki juice for reducing pains and swelling. For pain and swelling in finger joints, dip your fingers in warm water in which salt and alum are dissolved. Also, drink turmeric milk and salaki juice.

For stomach pain and constipation, tie water soaked cloth on your stomach, add munaka to the boiled milk and drink this milk. Also, apply mustard oil on your naval and eat musk melon and grapes in the breakfast. Have butter milk mixed with aesofetida and cumin for curing stomach pain. For weight loss, add 4-5 lemons juice in warm water and drink it for 5 days and then leave for some days and then again drink for 5 days and repeat this process. Also drink white pumpkin juice and tie water soaked cloth around your stomach and apply fuller’s earth (multani mitti) on your stomach to come out of stomach pain.