Hair Growth | Weight loss | Health tips by Anil Bansal

For hair growth, apply lemon overnight and wash your hair with multani mitti in the morning. You should apply ‘badaam rogan’ (almond oil) on your hair for hair growth. Juice of carrot, tomato and beet root is also beneficial for hair growth.

For weight loss, you should tie a wet cloth around your stomach to reduce stomach fat. Have one cup warm water after meal for weight loss. Also, mix two lemon juice of two and one spoon of honey in warm water and drink it regularly for five days in the morning to ensure weight loss. Skip it for two days and then again continue it for five days. Do this for one month and you will see its benefits via weight loss.

To control blood pressure, you can have half spoon daal cheeni in morning and night or seeds of watermelon after peeling them off.

For curing depression, you should have white pumpkin seeds and do surya-namaskar. For preventing yourself and others from various diseases, farmers should not use chemical compost and fertilizers on the plants as per health tips by Anil Bansal.

According to Health tips by Anil Bansal, Keep fruits in water for one to two hours so that all the chemicals are removed. You should avoid eating too much maida, pickles, etc and do surya-namaskar daily in the morning. Also, at night you should have 1/4th spoon turmeric in milk as per health tips by Anil Bansal.

As per Health tips by Anil Bansal, If you consume two to three cups of tea or coffee then for balancing your diet you should have buttermilk (thin curd). Put aesofetida, cumin and turmeric in it. Consume fruits like apple and melon before eating proper meal. This would result in eating less food. After eating food which is obviously hot, avoid having cold drinks according to health tips by Anil Bansal. Instead, drink a glass of warm water. This would help in digestion and making your stomach feel lighter. Drinking alcohol is very harmful. So, avoid it, suggested as health tips sby Anil Bansal.