Grey Hair | Constipation | Piles| Scars

Grey hair/ hair fall – Grey hair may be an outcome of allergy if it has hit you before maturity. Go through the following naturopathy tips to come out of grey hair problem:

Make it a habit to drink apple juice daily.
Inhale steam of ginger juice every day.
Pour the drops of cow’s milk in nose to ensure prevention of grey hair.
Instead of using chemicals, wash your hair with fuller earth to stop hair fall & grey hair.
Soak Triphala in water at night. Sieve it and drink its water in the morning. Mix curd and fuller earth or multani mitti in the residue of Triphala. Wash your hair with this solution.
Massage your hair with either ‘Badaam rogan’ or the mixture of coconut oil and ‘Badaam rogan’ to terminate the problem of hair fall and grey hair.
Heel pain

Drink turmeric in warm milk before going to bed every day.
Pimples and removing scars with fairness

Mix roasted turmeric powder in honey. Apply it on your face and pimples every day to remove scars.
Redness and itching while moving in A.C. room

Start drinking apple juice daily.
Prohibit sugar, sweet, fried food and stress.
Make it a daily regime to swallow ¼ spoon of ajwain in the morning and at night.
Boil neem leaves in the water adequately. Then, soak a towel into it and start rubbing it on the skin gently.
Apply fuller earth or multani mitti on the face every day before going to take bath.
Constipation and piles

Apply oil on naval and nails to escape from constipation.
Drink apple juice every day.
Add roasted cumin seeds, asafetida and buttermilk together. Include it in your diet to end constipation & piles. .
Wrap a wet bandage around your stomach to terminate constipation.
Boil and drink milk with 1 piece of Khajoor, 5 pieces of munakka and I piece of chhuaara.