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Proper or good health refers to physically, psychologically and socially healthy being.Excessive stress, inadequate diet, lack of exercise and lack of sleep can make our health worse. The exact meaning of sleep is to rest without taking stress though it may last only for 6 hours. As early you sleep as healthier you would be. The sleep from 12 to 4 o\’clock is significant as per scientific reasons. The modern outrageous lifestyle, especially of call-centre workers, has gone astray that has been leading our youths to drug, alchohol and smoke addiction due to excessive depression. Youths should be inclined to achieve good education, high profile jobs along with healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. As far as diet is concerned, quality should be preferred more than that of quantity. Wake up early,do exercises, eat sprouts, fruits, vegetables, salad and fibrous diet with enough fluid on time.

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Dr. Jatin Chaudhry

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