Gastric Problem | Increase Immunity | Enlarged Prostrate

For overcoming Gastric Problem, suck small harr for some time. After lunch, have buttermilk with heeng. For sorting out gastric problem, have a cup of hot water post dinner. Afterwards chew cardamom. Tie water soaked bandage on your stomach & also apply multani mitti (fuller earth) on stomach to get better result in gastric problem.

To increase immunity of body system, do all the 12 aasan’s (exercises) early in the morning. Drink Apple juice in a regular manner to increase immunity. Rub your body vigorously before going to bath. In the bathing water, add lemon juice & rose water. It will increase immunity.

Take ginger water steam for chest to get rid of allergy against cold as per naturopathy. Drop pure ghee (made from cow’s milk) in nostrils. Soak your feet in hot water added with salt & alum for few minutes.

For weight loss, do Gau-mukh aasan (exercise), Surya namaskaar, have a cup of hot water after meal. In winters, you can add lemon & honey in hot water. To get the desired results easily & effectively you can have Vedic Amrit from Vedic Upchar Samsthan.

Stop using any soap or chemical product to avoid graying of hair. Wash your head with multani mitti (fuller earth). 2-3 times within a week. Wash your head with the mixture of Trifla, Amla & multani mitti. Start having mixed juice of carrot, beet root & tomato as it maintains hormones in balanced form & increase immunity.

If you are having enlarged prostate, some of the home remedies you need to follow. Do Vajra aasan regularly. Have Gokhru herb’s water to cure enlarged prostate. Apply multani mitti on stomach & tie water soaked bandage on your stomach.