Gain Height | Weight Loss Tips | Constipation

For all the gastric problems, such as constipation, suck harr in your mouth for all day long. Tie water soaked bandage on your stomach for better results in curing constipation. If you have severe pain then have a glass of water added with 2-3 drops of mint to it. You can also have buttermilk added with hing, jeera , ajwain & turmeric 1 or 2 times a day & your constipation will come to an end.

As per weight loss tips, tie those water soaked bandage around your stomach. After your meal, have a glass of hot water. Have chapati’s of roasted wheat, gram & barley flour to notice reduction in weight according to weight loss tips. Add lemon & honey in hot water, you will notice weight loss. Have the juice of white sweet petha along with all the treatments as per weight loss tips.

For height gain & get your hormones balanced, have the mixed juice of carrot, beet root & tomato.

Acne & scars through naturopathy will come to an end if you will apply mixture of hot turmeric & honey & then wash your face with rose water. Apply multani mitti (fuller earth) on your body for excellent result in curing acne & scars.

To get rid of swelling, soak coriander seeds in water whole night, boil that water in the morning & drink a glass of it. Have a glass of apple’s juice daily, it helps in eliminating allergy problems.

For overcoming constipation, apply oil on the navel, take a glass of milk with a pinch of turmeric in it. In meal have chapatti of roasted wheat, gram & barley flour to come out of constipation problem.