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Shrikant (born on 16. 10.1980 at 5:22 p.m. in Maharashtra) wants atrological prediction regarding his marriage. As per astrology, he is born under Pisces ascendence and its ruler is Jupiter which is housed in 7th aspect that indicates health disorders. The alliance of the Sun, Saturn and Jupiter in 7th aspect put hurdles in the way of marriage. He is inflicted with \’Poorna Kaal sirp Yog\’. Thus, he ought to arrange poojan for removing this astrological defect and appease Rahu and Jupiter by keeping fast and by worshipping banana tree on Thursday that will help him to overcome health problems. Sweety (born on 16.11. 1985 at 9:32 a.m. in Delhi) wants to know about her future via astrology. As per inspection of her horoscope, Rahu is impacting in the mahadasha of Jupiter presently. Rahu can bring depression and problems which is in 5th house conspiring to break her friendship. She is inflicted with \’Lakshmi Grahan Dosha\’ and \’pitri dosha\’. She ought to arrange poojan for pleasing the sun and saturn; wear Topaz gemstone on Thursday. Siddhi (born on 23. 7. 1983 at 7:15 in Uttaranchal) wants to know astrological solutions for achieving success and arranging marriage. As per astrology, Saturn is impacting in the mahadasha of moon. This time is critical as Saturn may check his patience. Hence,he ought to Offer 27 vada to lord Shani in his temple and distribute them among poors for appeasing the lord Shani. \’Chandrama grahan\’, \’sampoorn kaal sirp dosha\’ and \’mangal angarak dosha\’ are inflicting him. After 21st January, 2013, he would be able to get a good job according to astrology. He ought to wear 9 mukhi rudraksha; worship lord Shani and respect his parents along with religious rites for getting rid of the aforementioned dosha in his horoscope. Khuswinder Kaur (born on 19. 8.1998 at 9:35) is anxious to know about her son\’s(Balwinder) future. Astrology concluded via his horoscope that Mahadasha of Saturn has begun since 2002 due to which his education is deteriorating. Other inflictions in his horoscope are \’Surya Grahan\’ and \’buddha chaandaal dosha\’.He ought to respect his father; offer water to lord Surya and feed Jaggery to a cow on Sunday after worshipping it; arrange poojan to remove \’buddh chaandaal dosha\’ to appease lord Budha for getting blessed with wisdom.

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