For Eyesight Improvement | Weight Reduction | Naturopathy

For eyesight improvement, one ought to look at the rising sun for around one minute. Also, consume carrot, tomato and beet root’s juice for eyesight improvement. Soak trifla overnight and wash your eyes with that water the next morning for eyesight improvement.

As per health tips, wash your hair with trifla, multani mitti, rose water and curd. You hsould not have oily products and products made from maida.

Soak two spoons of dhania in one glass of water overnight. Drink that water in the morning and night. This would help in curing swelling. Also, soak your feet in warm water consisting of alum and salt to reduce swelling.

One exercise is very helpful; that is, lay down and spread the legs wide. Bring one leg near and another far from you. Then, do it vice-versa. Do this exercise for half an hour in the morning and evening for weight loss. You should tie a wet cloth around your stomach to reduce stomach fat & weight loss. Have buttermilk (thin curd). Drink milk at night for good digestion and weight loss. Mix two spoons of turmeric in it. Also, consume juice of white pumpkin in the morning. Drink lemon water in the morning as it is an effective remedy for weight loss.

Pomegranate juice is beneficial for height gain. Also, juice of carrot, tomato and beet root is good for height gain purpose. Doing surya-namaskar is also beneficial.