Feelings During Hypnosis | Hypnosis | Hypnotism

Hypnosis is an altered state. Variable psychological impact on hypnotized patients has been noticed after hypnosis such as detached, relaxed, lethargy and light or heavy weight of the body. For healing purpose,the patient is instructed to keep his eyes closed.Therefore, rest of the sense organs remain active besides eyes though other organs\’ intensity may differ since the patient is focused at one point. Conscious and sub-conscious mind also keep on working from which former mind supplies information to the body. However, visualization has not been noticed in all cases yet feeling of bygone incidents strikes in mind.Hypnosis can also be treated as waking dreams in which focused events remain recorded in altered state to recall while speaking is a natural process and part of any conversation may be skipped from the mind. Specific suggestion is delievered to patient for remembering every experience during hypnosis but traumatizing incidents are suggested to forget by the patient.