Facial Hair | Ulcer | Migraine | Breast Problem

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Neck and head pain or Migraine

Brink ‘Salaki’ set to end the prolonged suffering from pain & migraine.
Facial hair

Rub ginger juice on face by smearing it onto the half piece of lemon for few minutes to stop growth of facial hair.
For economical gain

Apply oil on nails for monitory benefits.
For pain

Drink turmeric in warm milk as a remedy for treating any kind of prolonged pain or migraine.
For ulcer

Add buttermilk in your daily meal. Take it thrice or four times a day.
Thyroid and migraine

Soak 2 spoons of coriander seeds in water at night and boil it till it will remain half. Filter the juice and drink it in the morning. Do the same exercise in the evening but soak the coriander seeds at noon and prepare the juice in the evening. Drink it for 4 to 6 months.
Drink apple juice to lessen the pain of migraine.
Lay down on the bed with your head swinging in the air from the edge of the bed. Start pouring water on your head, eyes and forehead to revive the energy of these organs.
Dial to the institution for bringing its complete solution set.
Breast problem

Roast the turmeric in the pan. Mix it in the honey and apply this paste at night before going to sleep on the breast. Wipe it off while taking bath in the morning. Alternatively, you can apply this paste for half an hour during the day regularly for curing breast problem.
Drink turmeric milk at night for 3 months.
You can make call in the institution for making order of the medicated set related to your breast problem.
Extreme redness on the face

Drink apple juice every day.
Apply the paste of fuller earth or multani mitti on your face before going to bath.
Keep your head covered while roaming in the sun.