Extract from Bhagwat Geeta

The extract from Bhagwat Geeta unveils lord krishna’s advocacy for performing duties selflessly without caring about results. He, also, instructed Arjuna finding that the latter was hestating to hold ‘gaandeev’ (bow) against relatives since it was against righteousness.

Level of righteous courtesy is diminishing now-a-days. Righteousness and thinking can never be altered or changed. God is omnipresent either in sky or in words, the need is to feel him for inviting prosperity and bliss as per extract from Bhagwat Geeta.

Every criminal should learn lesson from the destiny of evil-doers in past such as of Ravan, Kansa and Duryodhana so that he can divert his mind from devilish acts because such cruel people’s condition is destined to be worse like Britishers whose condition is worsening who once exploited Asians.

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