Effects of Shani Sade Sati

As evident in scripture, no other planet is as charming as Saturn. Pleased with our virtuous deeds, Saturn showers unlimited money and fame over us. As per astrology, saturn strikes thrice in one\’s life. Lord Shani favours those who stick to faith in god even during suffering. Saturn arrives in our life during dasha, antardasha and pratyantardasha to judge our karmas. Outflow of reserved funds or theft or loss of funds are some of the consequences of our evil karmas. Lord Shani records our karmas and psychology while rendering monetory help to anyone if they were pious, then he passes the verdict. The sigh of sufferers reaches to lord Shani directly when anyone exploits the innocent. Astrology assures that if we are grateful and generous then money will begin to credit into our destiny on its own. Money falls in two forms, i.e. white money (legal) and black money (illegal). Politicians are entertained with \’raj-yog\’. Therefore, they have to serve countrymen honestly. Imprisonment is an outcome of corruption (evil karma)during gochar, dasha and pratyantardasha of shani (saturn). Our money will be exhausted and problems start to trigger. God has blessed us education to do justice and welfare not to argue or show ego. We should not feel proud over our riches because lord Shani testifies us by ending our patience during his dasha.Repentence is essential to get rid of the adverse effects of Sarturn. We ought to surrender before god by repenting over our sinful acts. If he is appeased then cancer can also be averted due to god\’s blessing and benevolence of planets. Our body starts loosing fluid that keeps our joints moveable due to penalty imposed by lord Shani. He supplies oil to each part of our body. But as punishment of our sinful acts, he inflicts us via bone diseases. For appeasing lord Shani (saturn), our scriptures advocate offering mustard oil to the same deity. Hence, we manage to get out of our physical and psychological problems. Parveen Sethi (born on 10.6.1970 between 9 and 9:30 in Karnal,Haryana) wants astrological suggestions for ending his economical and familial problems. As per astrology, he is sagittarian and is inflicted with \’sampoorna Chandra Grahan\’ and saturn is in 5th aspect. Visit to lord Shiva temple and do Shiva Chalisa 21 times daily. Then, offer ganga-jal to him.

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