Dreams | What are Dreams | Dream Symbols | Dreams Analysis

Dreams are visual imagination of sub-conscious mind that becomes active to weave disguised dreams of factual description of our experiences. When our conscious mind tries to recall the dream then the information that is concluded, can be classified in two forms, i.e. disguised form and in straight forward terms. A famous reseacher namely \’S. fried\’ used to heal on the basis of analysis concluded via the meaning of dreams. He had termed dreams as the \’guardian of sleep\’. As per his vision, all vast complexities limit into symbols of dreams while Dr. Karl Yung described that each symbol interprets a different meaning of dream. The visualization of same dream twice or thrice or many more times concludes different meaning. For instance, the flashing of snake in dream represents \’sexual frustration\’ as per view of Fried while Karl Yung described it as \’conflicts\’.Only the viewer of dream can interpret the meaning of his dream in the best way. Meaning of dreams may vary as per time. Before sleep, dream indicates prediction, during sleep dream points towards conclusion while dream in the morning signifies non-acceptance of mind.