Discussion on Maharaja Dashrath & Maharaja Dhritrashtra

‘Maharaja Dhritaraashtra’ was caged in the parental ove of his son ‘Duryodhana’ while ‘Maharaja Dasharath’ was mad in the love of his beloved wife. Their selfish love and adoration had invited untimely death due to ignorance. The invisible curtain of such distructive crush can be lifted up in the light of true knowledge & hence, the destiny as of Maharaja Dashrath & Maharaja Dhritaraashtra can be averted.

Disbelievers(atheisticals) of god are destined to live like creepers. Believers (theists)are blessed with pace in their career while those who have understood ‘god’, they can fly like Pawanputra ‘Hanumaan’. Knowledge and adaptation of religion demonstrate distinctive meaning.

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Roshan Lal Gorakhpuria

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