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Astrologer Sarita Gupta tells depression solution by Astrology. Earning bread & butter puts on burden on mind. Depression has been existing since the days when joint families used to exist. But now-a-days, youths are more centric to luxurious & lavished life. They do more than that of their strength. As a result, burden on mind turns into depression.

Depression is a psychological problem that can’t be seen.Even,small kids fall victims of depression due to exams, homework, expectation of parents and teachers. Depression is a slow process that shapes up as disastrous depression later as per depression solution by Astrology.

Symptoms of depression can be vary, such as sadness, isolation, hesitation, no talking with all and others’ violent nature. The person in depression does not mix & is unacceptable in society.

As per depression solution by Astrology, allopathic medicines are sedatives that keep the mind relaxed. But when the patient of depression comes to consciousness, the same problem begins to manifest itself. In addition to allopathy or homeopathy treatment practices, Astrology solutions can do wonder. Timely removal of problems related to planetary conditions, antardasha, mahadasha & gochar etc can help to uproot the depression.

How does Horoscope work? According to depression solution by Astrology, horoscope has 12 houses. Whose lordship exists in the fourth house of the horoscope & place of moon are important. Upcoming dasha & mahadasha & transit can tell how much worse can this problem be or can take how much time.Thus, astrology solutions can cure depression.

As per depression solution by Astrology, if his/her moon has the influence of Saturn or Rahu then, the person would face fear, confoundedness, sadness and isolation. If the moon has affect of aggressive planets namely Ketu or Mars then, the person would behave abnormally. He would become reserved. Similarly, the planet ‘Mercury’ denotes unwise. According to the depression solution by Astrology, if the moon & the mercury are not corresponding then, depression has to strike.

Since patient of depression does not detect himself/herself, therefore, friends & relatives ought to consult doctor as well as astrologer. Consulting both simultaneously can cut the duration of depression.

Going for depression solution by astrology to astrologer & doctor can end suicidal or murdering tendency of the patient since his thinking changes. Astrology has five methods to cure depression. These are donation (daan),bathing (snan), hymn (mantra), Gems (yantra) & remedies (aushadhi).

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