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Astrologer Sarita Gupta tells the causes of delay in marriages. Not getting married at marriageable age is called as delay in marriage. As per Indian culture, parents begin to worry when their daughter & son turn 21 and 25 of age respectively.But the worries go hyper when the children cross marriageable age. They get no suitable match even knocking at 35 or more years of age. Some parents begin to go anxious if their ward has denial of marriage in the destiny or not.

According to Hindu culture, every individual has to undergo 16 rites or rituals since birth to death. Out of these, marriage is one of those culture. To extend clan, marriage is must. But finding no suitable match for daughter or son can be the cause of delay of marriage.

The horoscope of an individual consists of 12 bhavs & nine planets.These planets can be malefics and benefics. 7th house of horoscope represents life partner’s house. An adept astrologer can avert delay in marriage after examining which planet is in that house.Alongside, small astrology solutions can make the marriage possible quite early.

As per astrology solutions for delay in marriage, the girl ought to take bath with the water that has one pinch of turmeric powder till 43 days continuously.She has to tie a knot of lord Shiva & consort Parvati till 16 Mondays in a temple. Or, she ought to do fasting of ‘Manglagauri’. The girl ought to wear yellow cloth on Thursday while the boy should prefer white cloth on Friday. Chant Kaamdev mantra religiously to fulfill the desire of early marriage.

The delay in marriage can be shortened by some astrology solutions.However, making the marriage possible at 20 or 21 of age can’t be possible if the horoscope has delay in marriage. Having known the astrology defects, one should make efforts to reduce the effect of malefic planets & enhance the power of benefics.Therefore, the perfect match of your desire will come to your destiny for sure.

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