Daoo Ji Maharaj – Bhagwat Katha Ep-04

It is said that Kunti ji has prayed in 26 shlokas (stanzas). But lord did not give her anything. When lord witnessed the condition of Hastinapur then he did not go to Dwarka and resided there. Once, Yudhishthir visited lord Krishna where he saw that the lord was sitting in meditation. When he came out of alter state, he was asked “Whom were you recounting?” Lord Krishna answered, “Bhishmapitamah was sleeping on the bed of arrows and few moments are left of his life. He was recalling me. I went to him in the battle field of Kurukshetra. I am going there as Bhishmapitamah was calling me. Whatever you want to learn from him you can accompany me to him.” All Pandavas along with lord Krishna visited to Bhishmapitamah. Sighting to lord Krishna, Bhishmapitamah recalled the pledge that he took during the battle. Lord Krishna took oath that he would not lift any weapon in the entire battle. But Bhishmpitamah also took oath to make the lord lift the weapon. Bhishma begins to shoot arrows to lord and responding to him, lord Krishna jumps out of the chariot and hold ‘Sudarshan Chakra’ in his hand and rushes to kill Bhishmpitamah. Arjuna was shouting from behind, “Lord, what are you doing? You have taken oath that you will not lift any weapon in the battle.” Lord remembered this at the sight of Bhishmpitamah in front of him. All urge lord, “If you want to give us something then bless us to death in your feet.” Bhishmpitamah prayed Lord that his soul would depart while being at the feet of lord. It is said that a divine flame came out of Bhishmpitamah which met eternity at the feet of almighty. Parikshit ji was born from the womb of Uttara. Brahmins christened his name. The infant’s eyes were moving around to examine everyone. Thus, he got his name ‘Parikshit’. Since he is protected by lord Vishnu so his another name is ‘Vishnurath’. He grew up and descended on throne. He came to know that ‘Kaliyug’ had made its entry. He ran to kill Kaliyug. He saw in the way that a black man is beating a cow and a bull. Tears are bursting out of cow’s eyes while three legs of bull are fractured. Parikshit asked, “Who are you?”Bull replied, “My name is Dharam and I had four legs, i.e. Satya (truth), Tapa (austerity), Daya (kindness) and Daan (Charity).” The broken legs of Dharam are Satya, Tapa and Daya. He said, “Lord, the kaliyug has come in which neither Satya nor Tapa and Daya are. Just one leg is left and that is Daan. Daan (charity) leads welfare.” As much charity is done as good it is for a person. If god has given to you superfluously then you ought to donate it wholeheartedly. Only your benefit is there in it. If you will donate today then you will get reward out of it; otherwise, you ought to wander here and there at everyone’s doorstep. When a beggar knocks at someone’s door, he/she gets irritated but, indeed, that beggar teaches you the lesson that he/she had done mistake while rejecting charity. If you will not donate today then your destiny will be similar to me. Parikshit said, “I give you four places.” Kaliyug resides in four places and the first is the gambling place, second is the bar, third is Bawdy house or Brothel (where whore resides) and fourth is the place where butchery is. Kaliyug requested him to grant at least a pious place. At this Parikshit recited, “I give you the fifth place in gold which is earned through sinful or baneful acts.” Kaliyug thought, “I got such a nice place in gold then where should I search it.” He thought why I should not house in the crown of king Parikshit. While resizing himself in tiny figure, he jumped and sat at the crown of king Parikshit. The effect was obvious. King lost his wisdom and decided to go for hunting. He set out to forest on hunting and he sent back his servants to his kingdom. He did not catch any prey but felt thirsty. There was an Ashram of rishi ‘Samyak’ where king Parikshit went and asked for water. Saint Samyak was sitting in meditation and did not notice the arrival of the king. The king got annoyed who felt humiliated. Nearby, a snake was lying on the ground. King picked it up and wrapped it around the neck of rishi Samyak. He returned to his kingdom thereafter. Rishi Samyak had a son namely Shringya rishi. On hearing that his father was insulted, he did not keep mum. His son cursed the king while collecting water from the river floating nearby.

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