Daoo Ji Maharaj – Bhagwat Katha Ep-03

Daooji Maharaj: Sonamji asked, “Lord, we often want to know about Parikshit.” It is said that any episode in Mahabharata was associated to the birth of Parikshit’s birth. That episode of Mahabharata reveals the birth story of king Parikshit. The story was narrated to the five sons of five Pandavas. On arriving, Ashwatthama thought that five Pandavas were sleeping and beheaded those ones while assuming that those sons of Pandavas were Pandavas themselves. Ashwatthama visited to Duryodhana while holding the beheaded head of Bheem’s son. He reported him that he killed the five Pandavas. A thought flashed in the subconscious of Duryodhana that we lost our entire army in the war against five Pandavas but nobody dared to even touch them; it was just because Kanhaiya was with them but now, this Ashwathhama is saying that he has killed five Pandavas; I don’t believe. He asked Ashwatthama,“Do you have any evidence of it?” Ashwatthama replied, “Look, I have brought the head of Bheem.” There was a specialty also that the sons of Pandavas resembled their fathers. Ashwathhama also became a fool due to their resemblance who beheaded sons of Pandavas and presented the head to Duryodhana. Duryodhana squeezed out the beheaded head with his hands and it smashed just like melon that is thrown from height. Duryodhana began to burst into tears. He said to Ashwathhama, “O fool, those were the sons of Pandavas and not the Pandavas indeed. You did not leave even a single heir of ours to give us water.” This shocking episode led to the death of Duryodhana. On the other hand, when Arjuna came to know about this massacre he rushed and fastened Ashwathhama with rope. At the sight of tied Aswathhama, Draupadi’s heart overwhelmed and said, “Leave him because he is a Brahmin and Guruputra (son of the teacher) and the son of teacher is like the teacher himself. I am lamenting over the death of my sons then why do you make his mother cry in condolence for his son? Leave him.” Lord said to Arjun, “Look, a Brahmin is not to be killed ever and the sinister should not be spared. This Ashwathhama is Brahmin as well as sinister. You ought to obey my saying.” A thought echoed in the subconscious of Arjuna ‘what to do’. It is said “A bad man is better than bad name” and defame is more like death of a person. Today, Arjun did the same. He took out his sword and rooted out the gemstone from Ashwathhama’s forehead. He was made bald and kicked out of the town while jolting and jerking. Ashwathhama did not endure this insult. On the other hand, five Pandavas did the funeral of their respective sons. When Shravan kumar was taking his parents to pilgrimage, they felt thirsty. Shravan went at the lake for bringing water. In the same forest, King Dashratha was hunting. The king thought that any deer is drinking water and shot an arrow in the direction from where the sound was coming out. The arrow settled at Shravan’s heart. On discovering the terrible mistake, king fell in the feet of Shravan for forgiveness. Pleading for pardon, the king said, “I thought that a deer was drinking water. Please pardon.” Wounded Shravan asked the king to do a favour of serving water to his thirsty parents in the jungle. King Dashratha went there. The disclosure of his son’s murder enraged his parents who cursed him in wrath. “O king, we curse you today as you have made us lamented due to separation from our son as you would die in the absence of your four sons; not even the single child will be with you at that time. The wheel of time brought that day before king Dashratha when he was to die, none out of four children (Ram, Lakshman, Bharat, Shatrughan) was with him. Lord imparted many beautiful examples to Pandavas. As the lord got ready to go out, Uttara (the mother of Parikshit) rushed and pleaded for protection from the god. He screamed, “O god, please help me!” Ashwathhama shot Bhrahmastra at the womb of Uttara for ruining the clan of Pandavas. The god helped the offspring in the womb of Uttara. And the lord set to go to Dwarka once again, Kunti (mother of Pandavas) admired the god. She sang it in 26 shlokas. The aunt of lord (Krishna) is bowing her head before the lord. Lord said to his aunt, “What are you doing? I am your nephew. I should kneel down; why are you bowing down?” Kunti said, “Lord, the cause is just one that you are the god of this world. You are the ward of all creatures and the teacher. Therefore, I am greeting you. And almighty, you are in and out of every creature but this mundane creature does not see you because there is a thin grille of illusion between the god and the creatures.” If you have visited to Vridavan then you must have noticed that Gosai keeps on veiling the curtain on and off. The spectator does not visualize god till curtain is fallen. But the god visualizes everyone from inside. This mundane creature is foolish since he seeks you wandering in the forest. However, you are present inside every living creature but you will not be able to find him until you remove the malice from the heart. The lord was set to go off. He said to Kunti, “Ask me what you desire.” Kunti responded, “Lord if you wish to grant me something then stuff me with grief only.” Lord said, “What are you asking for? You have endured only pain and agony since beginning and if you will ask me just grief then your life will end in it only. You ought to urge for pleasures.” Kunti replied, “What will I do with such pleasures while enjoying to which I would forget your name?” Once you will give this creature the pleasure then he loses in the world of luxuries and forgets you. Then, what will I do after taking such pleasure and happiness, lord, in which your name would not be remembered? Whenever I have been grief stricken, your remembrance has been always there in my mind and you have helped me always. If I haven’t slipped ever then, lord Krishna, your name will not be recounted ever.