Daoo Ji Maharaj – Bhagwat Katha Ep-02

Daooji Maharaj: A sculptor carved two idols of Brass and brought them to the market. He asked people which idol is of Rs. 10 and which one is of Rs. 100,000. People responded that one idol would be made of brass and another would be of gold. At this, the sculptor said, “No, no. Both idols are of Brass weighing equal and their size is also the same. But you have to identify which idol is worth Rs. 10 and Rs. 100,000 respecctively.” People looked at them but of no use. A saint visited there. He took a thread in his hand and put into one ear of one of the idols which came out from another ear. The saint said, “This idol is worth Rs. 10.” And when the same thread was put into one ear of another idol and it did not come out of another ear, instead it went inside. He said, “This idol is worth Rs. 100,000.” There is not a single thing in this Bhaagwat that would be abandoned. You ought to adopt this Bhaagwat in your life and don’t let it pass. (One of the persons asked) One more thing we want to know why did Ved Vyas create Bhaagwat? ; and why did he ask his son Sukhdev to read it out? We have heard that Sukhdev did not have need for anything since he went out for chanting the Bhajan (devotional songs) of the mighty god and he did not have any interest in anything. We want to know “Why did he read this Bhaagwat and why did he make Parikshit to listen to it?” Sukhji Maharaj ji says, “Sonak ji, Ved Vyas ji was sitting sad in Samyaprash Ashram once. Observing Ved VYas ji in sad mood, Narad ji went into the Ashram of Ved Vyas and asked if you divided Ved into four parts, scripted Puran and Granth but why are you restless even now? ” Vyas ji replied,“ I divided one ‘Veda’ and scripted ‘Puran’ but still, my conscious is not at peace.” Narad ji told that he knew why his consciousness is not at peace. He said, “You have written such thing in Vedas through which this mundane creature gets trapped in web.” And “You wrote in a puran that two hair shove from the head of lord Narayana and fell on the ground. One was white while another was black in colour. Balram was born from white hair and Kanhaiya ji took birth from black hair. But we have heard that god never takes birth. If it is assumed that he might have taken birth then it is also confirmed that he might be youthful and then be grown old. And eventually, he has to die since a being born on this earth has to die some day or his death is certain. A god can never take birth and all these things are just for confusion or ambiguity.” Narad ji said to Vyas ji, “I am narrating you the tale of my birth.” He said, “I was a son of a maid. She used to serve the saints who resided in temples during chaturmasa. Once, few saints visited that town and my mother stayed busy in their service. His mother claimed that listening to the preaching of those saints my soul is also mingled with the god.” When those saints set out to go, I also chased them. The saints said, “Son, you are the only son of your mother and you are the only support of your mother and if you will accompany us then who will look after your mother in old age? Serve your mother. Then, I did not accompany those saints just for the sake of my mother. An idea struck to my mind that it would be better if my mother might be no more. At least, I could sing the devotional songs with them. One day, my mother went out to milk the cow at night. A black snake was lying in the way. My mother stepped on it. As a result, it stung her and she died. I was burst into the cry just for pretending it before the world but was happy internally that I could devote myself to god in the absence of my mother at least. He did funeral of his mother and set out following the directions of saints.” Sukhdev was a co-player of Radha Rani in his old birth. In the next birth, the same co-partner of Radha Rani was narrating puran to Parishkrit. Lord Shiva went into a cave and ordered, “Look out, devi, if someone is not listening to our story while hiding.” Parvati went out and saw that a conceiving Suki laid an egg. After that, it flew away. Parvati came into the cave and informed, “Prabhu, there is no creature outside. Please begin the story.” Lord Shiva said, “I follow a rule that I close my eyes while narrating the tale; then, how would I know if you are listening to me or not.” Parvati said, “You just begin and I will sigh on and off.” He began to tell the story. Parvati listened from first skanda to ninth skanda carefully but as lord Krishna’s episodes were about to begin Parvati slept. It is said that the egg hatched that was laid by Suki and Bal Sukh was born out of it. Sukhdev came inside and on watching that Parvati was sleeping, he began to sigh on and off. The story ended. Parvati woke up listening to his shout ‘Jaya’. Parvati said, “Prabhu, I want to know how Vasudev took Krishna from Mathura to Vrindavan.” He asked, “Devi, didn’t you listen the story?” She replied, “Prabhu, I was slept in the mid.” He asked, “If you were slept then who sighed? Our story has been stolen by someone.” Using his eternal eyes, he saw that it was the chick of Sukh that was sighing in the mid. At this he said, “This Sukh has stolen our story. So, I will not let him go.” Lord Shiva rushed with trident in his hand to kill the chick of Suk. The chick flew and fell in the lap of Vyas’ wife ‘Betaka’. The chick jumped into her mouth while she was yawning and slipped into her abdomen. Lord Shiva saw and began to shout. But Sukhdev Maharaj ji accepted Ved Vyas and his wife Betaka as his parents. Vyas ji said, “If you have accepted us as your parents then don’t worry. We will protect you.” Vyas ji asked lord Shiva, “What’s the matter to visit us?” At this lord Shiva replied that a thief is broken in. Vyas ji asked, “What did he steal of yours?” “He heard my story”, said lord Shiva. Vyas ji asked, “What happened if someone has listened to it?” “The listener becomes immortal”, said Shiva. Vyas ji said, “You are a real Bhole Nath (innocent) since how can you kill someone who has heard the story? If you would kill him the grandeur of the story will be reduced and if this does not happen then the magnificence of your trident will be reduced. Secondly, that Sukh has accepted us his parents.” Lord Shiva blessed Sukhdev and said, “This chick of Sukh will spread this story.” After 12 years, he was born on this earth and he set out to devote his life to the devotion of god. This is Param Bhaagwat Sukhdev ji Maharaj.