Daoo Ji Maharaj – Bhagwat Katha Ep-01

Daoo Ji Maharaj – Bhagwat Katha Ep-01

Daooji Maharaj: Yesterday, you listened to the magnificence of Ganges like Bhaagwat under Bhaagwat Katha. You came to know the grandeur of god ‘Bhaagwat’. How did he rescue the sinister, you heard that? The devil like Dundhkari, that became a demon, met reclamation after hearing Shrimad Bhaagwat Katha. You, all, heard the story of ‘Gyan Bairagi’. You are listening to the lessons of “Shrimad Bhaagwat” under the roof of Sukh Dham and today, the second day is going to begin. I send my greeting to the host of today is Shri Harimohan Garg ji, Satish Mittal ji, Rajeev Bansal ji and Pawan Bawadodiya ji. And I bless to the workers of ‘Sukhdham Bhawan’. My Radhe Radhe (greeting) is to my all audience. Yesterday, you heard Bhaagwat’s first shloka (stanza) of the first skand. There are 12 skands, 335 lessons and 18,000 shlokas (stanza) in ‘Shrimad Bhaagwat’. The first shloka (stanza) is enchanted by Maharshi Ved Vyas, second shloka (stanza) by Sukhdev and the third one by Surya ji Maharaj. Vedvyas ji writes that the god who incarnates and nourishes this world, he destructs this too. We, all unanimously, bow down to lord Krishna who preached on the basis of only vow to lord Brahma and gave boon of creating the world by which many wise men also get enchanted. The name of only god is truth on this earth and the rest is just illusion. “Dharam Na Dushan Shakt Samana Aagam Nigam Puran Bakhaana.”

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