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Sanjay Tiwari (born on 9.5. 1971 at 4 p.m in Pratap Garh, U.P.) wants to enquire about his economical condition and job.As per astrology, he is born under virgo sign and the lord of ascendence is Mercury due to which \’Buddhatiya yog\’ formed in his horoscope.The presence of mercury in Aries sign has negated the auspicious impact of \’Buddhaditya Yog\’. Saturn is housed in 9th aspect that has imposed \’Mangal angarak dosha\’ as per astrology. Ketu has been housed in the aspect of benefits. Rahu is impacting in the mahadasha of Saturn. Therefore,the period till 13th June 2013 will be worrisome for him. As per astrological suggestions, He must have to discharge barley weighing equal to his own in the floating water and light an earthern lamp for appeasing Rahu till 41 days with reverence and pious heart. Surya Pratap Singh (born on 12. 4. 1993 at 2:37 p.m. in Sikanderpur) wants to know the astrological aspect influencing his career.His horoscopes reveals that he is born in leo ascendence indicated in astrology. The sun, allied with Venus, is housed in 8th aspect. As per astrological suggestions, he should be affectionate toward his parents; offer water (ark) to the Sun till 90 day regularly for getting released from \’Lagnaadhipati dosha\’. Arrange Ketu poojan also to remove every obstacle in the way of getting good job. Daljeet (born on 5. 12. 1999 at 11:30 a.m. in Jalandhar) wants guidance via astrology for arranging her love marriage. The harmonious relation of 5th with 7th aspects and moon with venus confirms love marriage. Recite this mantra for appeasing mars \’om kram kreem kroum sah bhaumaya namah\’ or \’Hanuman Chalisa pathh\’ 11,000 times along with havana (fire offering) for enjoying blissful married life. Savitri Devi(born on 5. 12. 1971 at 12:05 a.m. in Mandi, H.P.) wants to know how can she be blessed with a child and harmony in married life. Mars in 5th aspect is spoiling marital relationship. Ketu is housed in 7th aspect while saturn and rahu are in the aspect of ascendence. She is inflicted with \’sampoorna shani-chaandaal dosha\’. Presently, Mercury is impacting within the mahadasha of Jupiter. As per astrology,she is destined to have a son. Arrange \’mangal dosha parihar poojan\’, \’shanichaandaal dosha parihar poojan\’ and \’ketu poojan\’ also. Secondly, feed kheer to a cow on every full moon night (pooranmashi). Shailesh Kumar (born on 23.6.1966 at 6 a.m.) wants to confirm the sources of earning money. Astrological aspects depicting via his horoscope reveal that he has \’Buddhaaditya yog\’. But Mars is housed in 4th aspect while Saturn is in the 10th aspect. And Rahu is present in wealth aspect. Mercury is impacting in the mahadasha of Rahu. Despite having money in fate, he is incapable of earning it. Arrange specific poojan for appeasing Venus; recite mantra- \’ om dram drim drom shah shukraaye namah\’ regularly and feed \’Kheer\’ to small girls. Do \’Siddha kunj pathh\’ everyday. Sheetal (born on 5.10.1985 at 7:45 a.m. in Gujarat) desires to confirm the time of her marriage as various complications arise during her matrimonial talk. According to astrology, she is born in libra ascendence and the lord of it is Venus. Mars signifies warmth while Venus symbolizes coolness as per astrology. Ketu is housed in ascendence and Rahu is existing in 7th aspect. Worship mata \’Katyaayani\’ for eliminating hurdles in arranging marriage;feed jaggery to a cow and pray and offer water to the sun on Sunday for getting stable job.

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