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Best astrologer Sarita Gupta discusses about partnership in trade. Partnership with whom does not matter but to calculate more profit basically. Sometimes, one does not conclude profit via balance sheet & hence, expansion plans go in dump. Smooth running of family business in partnership of family persons may undergo differences at the entry of the youths of the same family. Their ego clashes. To end such kind of upcoming problems in partnership before commencing any new business, one ought to consult an adept astrologer.entry of new blood to the partnership requires astrologer’s predictions. Planetary positions tell which business suits to whom. So, let their horoscopes be checked with an expert astrologer to avert the differences in relation atleast.

Astrologer’s expert suggestions avert upcoming disasters or catastrophe in relationship. Astrological suggestions & solutions foretell which time is better for which job. Astrological solutions can elongate the partnership via bathing (snan), donation (daan), gems (Ratna), remedies (Aushadhi), hymns (mantra) & devices (Yantra).

Astrology solutions can strengthen the influence of the partner, whose planetary position is weak. Even, the partner with strong planetary position can be strengthened more. However, destiny can’t be changed but things can be smoothened & eased. Stepping into new bond of partnership will have more scope for astrological solutions regarding nature, business suitability, upcoming dasha & mahadasha, planetary positions, negative gochars or planets, auspicious time. The corrective measure as per astrological soutions can be change in the spelling of partners’ name or worshipping at the time of kick starting new partnership or business.

Offering laddus with the contribution of all partners to the god ‘Ganpati’ would be an astrological solution to end troubles among them. Continue to follow it seven Wednesday. This astrology solution will end the scarcity of funds. Writing & keeping the names of all partners in one almirah or chest may end your trouble with partners. You have to lit the incense stick before it daily.

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