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Astrology concludes that planetary movements are unstable and change continuously. This motion of planets affect human life as well as universe. Ups and downs are part of life.There are several myths and suspicion spread regarding Rahu, Ketu and saturn. These myths are all untrue because Rahu, Ketu and Saturn are capable in transforming anyone\’s destiny from rag to riches or vice-verse. But the real culprit is evil eye of malefics which causes unrest and inauspiciousness in anyone\’s life.For instance, under astrology, the impact of 12 aspect victimizes via uncertain loss in business. Thus, the trader starts suffering consequently. The second bad impact of it can be seen in the form of liabilities that put burden on mind and hence, health troubles begin to take toll as depression. But when the lord of 12th aspect acts favourably then anyone may be destined to visit abroad, will be employed to higher post, will get promotion and fame will be added to name also. Any aspect of the horoscope can behave in both, good as well as bad, manners. Malefics (bad planets) trigger loss in business, health disorders and even accidents also. But the dasha of lord of ascendence assures benefits at any stage of human life.Negativity does not shoot until benefics (favouring planets) become weak.When the lord of ascendence will be incapable in rendering protective shield against inauspicious negative aura conspired by malefics then bad time begins to hit. The only way to get rid of such severe circumstances and negativity is to arrange rites relating to any defect depicting via horoscope and repent in time for committed sins as per astrology. Earlier, we used to celebrate our birthday by lighting lamp before deity with reverance while summoning him in order to thank for the life he has blessed us. But recent practice of blowing off candle and singing \’birthday song\’ without thanking god symbolize evil character of any being. Instead of eating healthy food we prefer unhealthy junk food. Such are all the display of devilish nature. We ought to thank almighty by heart. Therefore, we should keep faith in god, serve cow and behave affectionately with our parents to enjoy unlimited flow of happiness, prosperity and monitory gain in life.

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