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Shamsher Singh (born on 21.5.1971 at 7 Patna) has a query relating obstacles in business for which he wants solution based on astrology. His ascendence is identified as scorpion that is in 3rd aspect and the lord of ascendence has been allied with Rahu which indicates \’lagnaadhipati dosha\’ as per astrology described in scriptures. Other astrological defects are \’mangal angarak dosha\’ and \’pitri-dosha\’. Jupiter is impacting in the mahadasha of the moon, alongside, Jupiter is forming \’gaj-kesari yog\’. Ketu is existed in the aspect of fortune. Arrange religious rites for reducing the adverse effect of pitri-dosha and mangal angarak dosha. Worship the lord Sun and recite the lessons of \’Sunder-kand\’ in Hanuman temple on every Tuesday. Ravi Shrivastava (born on 15.1.1994 between 8 and 9 a.m. in Fatehpur) wants astrological remedies for improving his economical condition. Presently, mahadasha of Venus is occuring in which Venus is impacting itself. He ought to arrange rites to end pitri-dosha. Wrap a coconut in a white cloth and discharge black til (sesame) and unboiled milk in the river water while summoning his ancestors till 21 amavasya (new moon night). Offer the flowers of Vaijanti to lord Narayana in order to remove poverty by appeasing him. After 29th January, 2013, the lord sun will bless him good job. The alliance of moon and Jupiter (yuti) forms \’Gaj kesari yog\’ in human life which equates riches and luxuries as of a king. This yog renders sudden wealth, luxuries, fame and the gate of golden opportunities start opening if the degree of moon and Jupiter is ideal in adolescence age.\’Gaj kesari yog\’ through 3rd aspect ensures good business deals in destiny. Gaj kesari yog through 4th aspect blesses intelligent child. The same yog through 5 aspect blesses beautiful and virtuous child. No benefit is served through gaj-kesari yog by 6th aspect while a person gets married to a beautiful wife if there is gaj kesari yog through 7th aspect. This yog through 8th aspect subscribes long life while through 9th aspect, gaj kesari yog brings raj-yog. This yog through 10th aspect allots fame despite taking birth in mediocre family. Unlimited wealth is downpoured due to same yog through 11th aspect whereas inflow of funds from abroad visit is possible due to the same yog through 12 aspect. Do virtuous deeds and respect your teachers and elders for crediting fruitful results in life.

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